Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tax Cannabis 2010!

Welcome to the THC House!

Greetings from the THC House!

We are LA's first patients-only vaporizing lounge and Medical Marijuana Information Center!

We have created an environment for patients to come medicate in a safe public space within our facility! Our aim is to continue the movement of Marijuana reform and education in a positive direction for this industry. We also strive to provide the much needed community feel for patients in Los Angeles to come meet new people, enjoy some coffee and art, catch a movie, and be able to medicate and relax in peace! This is a great place for opportunity to blossom as well as a great place to meet like-minded people and future networks!

THC House is dedicated to providing a strong fundamental foundation for the patients and communities on the rising field of medical Marijuana. Housing information on potency and purity of herb, along with vaporizing and safe-"smoking". In addition, we are currently teaming with reputable cultivators to educate patients on growing their own medicine for personal use.
THC House is planting seeds in the minds of patients and the community--enlighten

ing the possibilities of freedom from pharmaceuticals to achieve a natural and healthier lifestyle.

To open the forum on a true educational platform we are opening our 23 seat theater, with 15 foot movie screen, to open lectures and meetings for the industry, as well as, film screenings, comedy and musical performances, and also hosting multiple medical marijuana activist artists.

We currently offer the following services:

*THC Doctors Medical Marijuana Evaluation Office
*Presentation Room & Educational Classroom
*Free Coffee!
*Free Wi-Fi!
*Free Movie Screenings in our 23 seat movie theater!
*Snack Shop
*Art Gallery
*Vaporizer Lounge

*NOTE* The THC House is NOT a dispensary, but please feel free to bring your own medicine when you come to the lounge!

Join us at THC House!

We are open from Mon-Saturday 11AM-8PM.

We are currently offering a promotional FREE VAPORIZNG CLASS for new members! Must be 18+ years old with valid state ID as and Medical Marijuana Recommendation! Join us for our FREE CLASS where you are able to view flowers under a 400x video microscope projected on large flat screen and hear knowledge on selecting the best strains. Currently classes begin from 5PM-8PM! Call us today and sign-up for our free class or come medicate and relax at the THC House!
Hope to meet all of you soon!

Peace and Love,
THC House

1861. S Bundy Dr. Los Angeles, CA 90025